Now you may think that Tank Girl is cool, she would be if she were real, but face it, she's not.

WANKGIRL began her life when a man approached her to be in his film. He said he was making a movie about a girl who discovers that her only identity was given to her by her creator.
(Imagine Tank Girl finding she is not real and realising she has no persona of her own, she has only what has been given to her by Jamie Hewitt).
This film maker thought he was making a valid point about constructed identities, and perhaps he was...
WANK GIRL made a deal with the film maker that the film would only ever be shown in context, i.e in its entirety. The problem was that the film maker didn't keep his side of the deal... Clips and stills involving semi-nudity were shown around...

Oh foolish WANK GIRL for not seeing what was to come!
Oh foolish film maker for not remembering the strength and humor of the original WANK GIRL!

WANK GIRL took copies of the photos and the film and turned them around to tease and tantalise in her first interactive artwork, if you mail her in an appropriate manner she might just send you a copy...


meanwhile this site can reach a bigger audience than the film maker ever could, so here it is,